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My love for both people and spaces led me to my activity as an Architect – Interior Designer and Lighting Consultant. I cater to individuals or professionals who want to make small changes or completely renovate their spaces.

In every project, the stage of planning is crucial, whether it pertains to space renovation (architectural design), decoration (photorealistic study), or lighting design.

Each space is carefully attended to, aiming for it to independently fulfill the user’s functional and aesthetic needs. The balance in the use of materials, colors, and the proper management of light result in an outcome that exudes harmony.

What interests me is for each redesigned space to be functional and timeless, thus adding a sense of value!

All of the following services are also provided online!!

Architectural Design

The architectural study of a space with furniture layout and dimensional analysis aims to create functional and aesthetically appealing areas.

Through the analysis of dimensions and user needs, we design the layout of furniture, taking into account the flow of movement, ergonomics, and aesthetics.

With attention to detail, a pleasant and balanced space is created, providing comfort and satisfaction to its users.

Interior & Exterior Decoration

Interior and exterior decoration adds a unique character and personality to our environment. Through creative decoration, we can highlight the style and aesthetics of the space, creating an environment that expresses the preferences and personality of its inhabitants.

Whether it's indoor spaces like living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms, or outdoor spaces like courtyards and gardens, decoration creates an atmospheric area that offers comfort and relaxation. Through the choice of colors, materials, furniture, and decorative objects, we create a harmonious balance that rejuvenates and revitalizes our surroundings.

Custom Made Design

Through 'tailor-made' design, we can create custom furniture and constructions that fulfill your needs, whether they are functional or aesthetic.

By means of specialised study, we select suitable materials, shape storage solutions, and craft unique pieces that harmoniously integrate into your space.

The study of specialised constructions enables us to create a truly personalised space that meets your needs and preferences with uniqueness and functionality.

Renovations of Residential & Commercial Spaces

By using three-dimensional renovation proposals for interior spaces, we can have a comprehensive image of the final result before the start of the work. This allows for precise adjustments to the design, material selection, and space configuration based on the client's personal needs and aesthetic preferences.

Whether it's a residential environment or a commercial space, renovations can create functional, aesthetically appealing, and personalised areas that cater to the needs and preferences of the people who use them.

Photorealistic Presentation

Through three-dimensional photorealistic presentation, the client can easily and quickly see the proposed changes and, based on them, we can create a result that exudes harmony.

The photorealistic proposal includes all functional and decorative changes, featuring the recommended materials, style, color palette, and theme.

This way, the client can envision themselves in the new space and determine whether it suits them or not.

Architectural Lighting Design

The study of architectural lighting is a vital element in space design. Through this study, we create a comprehensive and harmonious atmosphere by utilising lighting effectively.

We are interested in:

• Tailoring lighting according to the function and activities of each space

• Proper lighting enhancing productivity, creativity, and mood

• Infusing each space with a distinctive lighting style that suits the user

• Achieving harmonious transitions between different spaces

• Selecting the color temperature of lighting based on the emotional state of individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions.

The first visit to the space is not charged.

Besides, during the initial visit, I assess the space, discuss your requirements, and most importantly, we determine if we can communicate effectively.

So, feel free to give me a call!

Of course, this can certainly be done. However, if our communication is very good, I will be able to decipher your decorative style and get very close to the desired result from my initial photorealistic proposal.

If minor changes are needed, they are not charged, only when a complete redesign is required.

This is the most common trap we all fall into when we start making changes in a space.

Knowing what you want is crucial. However, being able to envision how what you want will actually materialize as a mental image is rarer. Being able to anticipate technical challenges and to marry materials is even rarer.

If, of course, you seek a result that carries identity and harmony, then certainly you should consult a specialist.

Before every presentation, there is a communication process that includes your ideas, needs, as well as photos from the internet that you like.

Through a creative discussion, together we will determine the style you would like, and based on that, I will create the overall scene.

That's why proper communication between us is very important.

Of course! I have been doing this job for years.

I can recommend you stores and suppliers where you can purchase your furniture, lighting, or decorative elements, always considering the budget you have available and providing you with options at competitive prices.

Of course! This is the most exciting part of decoration that will add uniqueness to your space and make it truly special.

I have collaborations with various categories of artisans, but if you have someone you know personally, I can guide and coordinate with them as well.

Of course. That's the right approach to take!

When you want an excellent result quickly and cost-effectively, don't experiment on your own. You'll end up frustrated without achieving the desired outcome, and it's certain that it won't be neither economically feasible nor completed in time!


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