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What I Offer.

Architectural Design

Architectural design of space (floor plan) showing furniture layout and dimensions

Renovations of Residential & Commercial Spaces

Three-dimensional proposal for the interior renovation of private and professional spaces

Interior & Exterior Decoration

Decorative study with chromatology and a special style presented with photorealism

Photorealistic Presentation

Three Dimensional Design with realistic representation on architectural study

Custom Made Design

Furniture design and tailor made constructions, to the requirements of your space

Architectural Lighting Design

Lighting study - Suggestion of Luminaire fixtures


I am Kalliopi Maravelea, an Architectural Engineer with BSc (Hons) degrees in Architecture (1997), MSc (Computer Aided Design in Architecture) in 2000 and PhD in Virtual Reality and Urban Environment Modeling (2007), from  Strathclyde University, in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Dr. Kalliopi Maravelea


Renovate your space in just 3 steps


Renovate your space in just 3 steps


Due to the distance, I live in the countryside, I wanted to use the online services of Kalliopi Maravelea. First to renovate the living room and the kitchen. I was so pleased that I finally moved on to the rest of the rooms. True professional, kind, patient, awesome designs with smart, original, tasteful and economical solutions. Spaces of the house that were unused for years became my favorites. I recommend her without reservation. Let her paint your house! Those of you in the countryside do not hesitate to use the services of Kalliopi, they will be by your side every step of the way.

F. Mirkou Online home renovation (Monondrio Evia) – 2023

About 2 years ago I decided to renovate my apartment in Athens. As I live abroad, the choice of Architect-Engineer was quite important for me since I would not be able to be present during the entire construction. So he should be a professional whose judgment and work I trust! The choice of Mrs. Kalliopi Maravelea was the most successful! Mrs. Maravelea communicated online with me on a daily basis with reference to the work, presenting her findings and proposing the most correct and economical solutions. Her reports were accompanied by 3D photorealistic drawings of how the rooms will look after the renovation and before and after videos/photos of the home work. The results of their work are still visible today. Judging by the quality of her work, I will not make a second choice for future work and recommend to friends and acquaintances!

V. Panayiotou Apartment renovation (Argyroupoli Athens) - 2019

"Excellent professional with very friendly behaviour! I was completely satisfied! With the design she proposed, she ultilised every little space in a small room, exceeding our needs and expectations! She took into account all the needs our kids had and maximised storage proposing many functional solutions! The children are very happy with their new room!"

D. Tsoutsou (Renovation of a two children's room)

Excellent professional, unspothed in creativity and knowledge, she took an abandoned house and redesigned it into a small villa. I highly recommend Dr. K. Maravelea, she's the best you could find."

A. Kanellopoulos Renovation of a detached house (Nea Liosia Athens) - 2020

"A professional, organised and consistent Architect. She makes sure to work with the best manufacturers at work. Her design result shows upon the way I enjoy my space in my everyday life. As a disabled person myself, I now enjoy a fully accessible bathroom comply with my daily and personal needs! And from here I thank her for the cooperation we had but also for the result of her work!!!"

A.Gikas Reconstruction of a bathroom for a person with special needs( Ilioupoli Athens) - 2018
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