what I offer

  • architectural design of space (floor plan) showing furniture layout and dimensions
  • three-dimensional proposal for the interior renovation of private and professional spaces 
  • decorative study with chromatology and a special style presented with photorealism
  • lighting design – luminaire suggestions, special lighting design and 3D presentation
  • furniture design and tailor made constructions, to the requirements of your space

what I care about

architecture, blueprint, floor plan

In a project the phase of design is very important, whether I am referring to space reconstruction (architectural design), decoration (photorealistic design), or lighting design. 

Each space is curated accordingly, so that it meets the functional and decorative requirements of the user, where the balance in the use of materials, colors and the proper light management brings a result that exhales harmony.

What interests me is that every space that is recreated should be functional and at the same time increase its value with time.

Through the 3D photorealistic presentation the customer can easily and quickly see the proposed changes and create upon them a result that exhales harmony.

The photorealistic proposal includes all functional and decorative changes, with all the proposed materials, style, colorology and theme.

The customer can thus imagine himself in the new space and feel whether he likes it or not.

photorealistic decoration


light, glow, leaf

I'm interested in...

  • The lighting should be proportional to the function and activities of each space.
  • The right lighting make us productive, creative and improves our mood.
  • Each space is endowed with a special style of lighting that suits the user.
  • The transition from one space to another should be harmonious
  • The choice of the lighting color temperature is made according to the emotional state of the person who uses the space.


here I am to answer your questions before you contact me

the first visit to your place is not charged. Besides, on the first visit I look at your space, we discuss your requirements and the most important thing is we see if we can communicate. So don't hesitate to call me!

this of course can be done, however if our communication is very good, I will be able to decipher your decorative style and get very close to the desired result from my first photorealistic proposal. If of course, tweaking is needed, these are not charged unless a redesign is required.

This is the most common trap we all fall into when we start making changes in a space. Knowing what you want is very important. But being able to visualise how it's going to be like, is difficult. Being also able to anticipate technical difficulties and to match materials in a harmonical way, is far more difficult. If of course, you are looking for the result to have a personal 'identity' and style, then you must definitely turn to a specialist. 


before presenting my proposals, there is a communication stage that includes your ideas, your needs, as well as photos from the web which you would like to share. Through a creative discussion, together we come up with the style you would like to have and upon this I create the whole 'atmosphere'. That's why proper communication between us is very important.

Of course I do. I've been doing this job for years. I can recommend depending on your budget, shops and suppliers from which you can buy your furniture at competitive prices.

of course! This is the most creative part in decoration which will make it special. I have partnerships with all categories of craftsmen and technicians, but if you know a good craftsman, I can also collaborate with him.

Of course I do. That's the right thing to do! When you want an excellent result, fast and inexpensive, do not experiment on your own. You will suffer without having the desired effect... And what is certain is that it won't be economical or fast at the end! 


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