to whom it may concern

  • to individuals who want to make changes to their home
  • to professionals who want to renovate their professional space

what I offer

  • architectural design of space (floor plan) showing furniture layout and dimensions
  • three-dimensional proposal for the interior renovation of private and professional spaces 
  • decorative study with chromatology and a special style presented with photorealism
  • lighting study and lighting proposals, special lighting constructions with 3D illustration
  • furniture design and tailor made constructions, to the requirements of your space

What you do

  • Take photos of your space
  • Measure your space with basic dimensions (width-length-height)
  • Send all this information to my email or viber
What I do
  • I contact you for clarifications and we discuss your priorities/requirements
  • I send you my proposal 

when you should come to me

  • When you want to renovate a room in your house, such as your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and you need functional ideas and solutions, but without moving out from your house
  • When you want to decorate a 'dead' space in your house or office by creating a special furniture to fit in, but you could neither visualise what it's going to be like nor design it
  • When you want to see all the materials in a room bonding with each other creating a harmony
  • When you want to renovate your child's room and want to see how the new furniture will fit in, before you go shopping
  • When you just want to see different paint colors on your walls
  • When you need some decorating tips for your living room or your entryway
  • When you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in your space with special lighting
  • When you need advice on building materials and furnishing with certain budget 
"Excellent professional with very friendly behaviour! I was completely satisfied!
With the design she proposed, she ultilised every little space in a small room, exceeding our needs and expectations!
She took into account all the needs our kids had and maximised storage proposing many functional solutions!
The children are very happy with their new room!"
"A professional, organised and consistent Architect. She makes sure to work with the best manufacturers at work.
Her design result shows upon the way I enjoy my space in my everyday life.
As a disabled person myself, I now enjoy a fully accessible bathroom comply with my daily and personal needs!
And from here I thank her for the cooperation we had but also for the result of her work!!!"
"Impeccable professional with excellent aesthetics. She fully understands the needs of the customer and serves them in the best way.
I worked with her on the design and implementation of my four-year-old daughter's room and the result was more than excellent.
I highly recommend her!"
"Mrs. Maravelea is an immaculate professional, with experience in the field. She is organised, consistent and pays attention to detail. I highly recommend her!"
"Excellent professional, unspothed in creativity and knowledge, she took an abandoned house and redesigned it into a small villa.
I highly recommend Dr. K. Maravelea, she's the best you could find."
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